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FastDraw 6.1 Update


Today, October 21, FastModel released a silent update to FastDraw, which will upgrade users to version 6.1.  This silent update will run in the background when you open FastDraw and requires no work from you.  The features that you'll notice in this update are:

What does the update include?

  • Users can now change the text color for frame descriptions.  The black and white boxes shown in the screenshot below will allow you to select the color for the highlighted text.

  • Users can now make the diagrams use the background image in the Preview tab.  Like in iPad.  You'll see a checkbox in the preview tab that says "Display background image on court."  The results are as follows:


  • Shading of Multiple Rows
    • Control-Click inside of each table cell you would like to change color on. Once all have been selected you can change the foreground/background color as you have been able to in the past.
  • Add a Conference Filter in the Scout Library


    • For the conference filter to be available, right click on the row of filters (grey bar that displays Team/Season/Date dropdowns above the library) and select the conference filter. Thsi can then be dragged and dropped to anywhere in that row to display.

Syncing FastDraw with your iPad


In order to maximize your FastDraw subscription to the fullest we have provided some easy steps to sync your FastDraw plays on your desktop or laptop with you iPad. The Backup and Restore process is not a merging process, it is a file restoration process. Therefore, failure to follow the steps below precisely will result in losing some of your plays.

1. On your Desktop or Laptop version of FastDraw, you must Backup your files to our FastModel cloud server using the Backup button in the top toolbar of the application. More information on how to backup can be found here.


2. Once the Backup has successfully finished, open the FastDraw app on your iPad and click the wheel icon in the upper left corner of your iPad to bring up your Settings. Click Restore plays.

3. Once you are finished drawing plays on your iPad, click on the wheel icon again and click Backup plays. This will send all of your plays, including those you have added on the iPad, back to our FastModel cloud server.

4. The next time you open your FastDraw Desktop or Laptop version, BEFORE you add any new plays click the Restore button in the top toolbar of the application. If you still only see the Backup up, you can mouse over the button to display a dropdown and change to Restore.Once the restore finishes you should see all of your plays, including those you have just added on your iPad.

Remember this is NOT a merge process. It does not take new files and simply add them to your file. We are taking the entire file you Backup and Restore it when you perform these actions. Thus overwriting the file currently in place.

BackupRestore Icon

Upgrade to 6.0 Version of FastDraw Coaching Software



What's New in FastDraw 6.0

Ability to Change the Format of your Header and Footer

In FastDraw, you will now see some different options for customizing your header and footer.  In the Preview tab, you will now be able to specify in which corner you'd like the Logo, playbook name, etc.  By default, you will see the settings below, but you can use the drop down menus to change the location or remove any of these pieces.

HeaderFooter resized 600


Default "Home Roster"

Many of our users take advantage of the ability to change the stencils from the default 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 by double clicking them and editing the text.  Now, when you are using FastAdd, you can customize this menu to always automatically include your "Home Roster."  So if you find yourself always typing in the same numbers (#23, #32, etc) or the same initials (BH, KG, etc), this should save you a great deal of time.  To do this, right click on your court, select FastAdd and then select Customize.  

NewIDs resized 600

This will bring up this window, in which you can type in any numbers.  Now, when you use FastAdd, you will automatically see the numbers you have entered! 

FastAddHomeRoster resized 600


Dribble Hand Off

After much request, we have added a stencil for a dribble hand off, available in the stencil palette under the Pass section.

DHO resized 600


Include option for play names in Table of Contents

We have added the ability to include play names in your Table of Contents when in the Preview tab.  Prior to this update, when you used the Table of Contents, you'd need to use Chapters to organize the whole playbook, and only the chapter names were shown in your Table of Contents.

In the Preview tab, under the "Cover Pages" section, just check the box for "Include Plays in Table of Contents"

TofCOption resized 600

You will now see the listing of the chapters and plays in your table of contents:

TofCResults resized 600

Rename Section

Lastly, you can now (in the Playbook) tab, right click on any section and rename it.  You previously could only rename chapters and names.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know at




Upgrade to 6.0 Version of FastScout Coaching Software



What's New in FastScout 6.0

Copy Report


When you are in the Reports section from the Preview tab, you can now create a new Report by copying an old one.  Click "New Report," Name it anything you want, and then select to "Copy Report From (Optional)."  If you do not specify a report in that field, the starting report will be blank.

CopyReport resized 600


New Split Ratios for Personnel

Many of you use the 2 column list in your Personnel sections, and often times, one of these columns is a small piece of text.  In the past, the 2 columns were the same width regardless, but now, when you right click on Personnel, select "Edit Defaults," you will be able to change the width of the columns. 

SplitRatio resized 600


New Templates

We've also added to new templates to the software.  They are named Paris and London.  Paris adds a full cover page with the team logos.  An example of that is below

Paris resized 600

The second is called London and it has a new header with a fade on it, as shown in the example below.

London resized 600

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know at

Understanding how your data is saved in FastDraw and FastScout


We know that you have spent a lot of time creating your FastDraw and FastScout work, so please read through this post to clear up any confusion about how your work is saved.

The first, and most important, message is to USE OUR BACKUP SYSTEM.  If you use this system, your work will be preserved in the event that you lose your computer, it crashes, or the hard drive is wiped out.  The details on the Backup system can be found here:

Your data that you back up will not be accessible by any other users, except you.


Without backing up, your FastModel data is not automatically saved directly to your account with us.  This means if you just re-install the software onto another computer, your data will not manually come back in unless you have used the backup system.  If you do not use the Backup system, and you install on a new computer, you will be started with a blank database.  


Please let us know if you have any questions at

FastDraw FAQ




Thank you for your interest in FastDraw.  We are posting this with the hope that most of your questions about FastDraw can be answered here.  If you look through this guide and still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at We also have some video tutorials posted on our Youtube channel.



Sales/General Questions


How many computers can I install the software on?

If you purchase only one license of FastDraw, you are able to activate the software on only one computer.  Should you need to move computers, you can always deactivate the software in order to free up your license.

Is FastDraw a web based product or is it downloaded to the computer?

FastDraw is locally downloaded to the computer.  After the initial activation, the software will run locally and can function without internet access. 

What are the system requirements for FastDraw?

FastDraw is a very light program, but we do recommend 2 GB of RAM if possible.   The user will need to have read/write privileges in order to maintain and save the database of plays. 

I’ve renewed my FastDraw.  Why am I still in Read-Only mode?

If you have renewed your FastDraw, but are still getting this error message, you need to deactivate from your current activation code and reactivate with your updated code.  To do this, open FastDraw, click Help – Deactivate Software.  Click Yes and OK.  The software will close.  Next time you re-open the software, you will be prompted to enter your key.  Enter the key by pasting it in, and you should be all set.

How can I renew my FastDraw license?

We have outlined the renewal process here.

Does the software work on both Mac and PC computers?

Yes, FastDraw is fully compatible between the operating systems.

Does FastDraw work on an iPad?

We are working hard to create a version of FastDraw for the iPad.  The product should be available by Fall 2013. 

What is the difference between FastDraw Basic and FastDraw Advanced?

FastDraw Advanced has some drawing features that are not available in the Basic version.  These include FastAdd and FastMotion, which allow for more freedom and flexibility when drawing plays.  The Advanced version also has FastShare which allows users to collaborate and share plays throughout their team/organization.  

Why do we have to renew each year?  Can I purchase a permanent license?

All of our products are annual subscriptions - this is so we can offer affordable prices on the software to high school and small college coaches and scalable products for Division I and NBA teams. When we first started the company we heard from a lot of coaches that they were using this "old software" and we decided that we never wanted our products to become someone’s “old software”. All updates, upgrades and maintenance are included in the annual fee so you always have the latest and greatest features we have to offer. Should you ever choose not to renew, you will not lose what you have created. The program becomes read only and you can still view and print all you have created to date, you just won’t be able to edit or create new content.


Activation/Installation Questions

I purchased FastDraw.  What do I do now?

After purchase, we will send you an email with the download instructions and the activation code you will need to complete the installation process.  Follow the instructions in that email to set up the software on your computer. 

I cannot activate my license. Why not?

The most likely reason for an activation error is that your internet connection is blocking your ability to connect to our server.  This is usually due to firewall or network restrictions that are in place at your work or school.  If you are receiving an error that you cannot connect to our servers, please check with the IT administrator at your place of work and ensure that your firewall will allow you to communicate with our servers.

If your error message says “Invalid Key,” it is likely that the key is being entered incorrectly.  Please do not try to type in the long key, as it is easy to make mistakes.

How do I move to a new computer?

Our new backup feature should make your move to a new computer much easier.  In short, the way to move to a new computer is as follows:

  1. Backup your FastDraw database from the “old” computer.
  2. Click Help – Deactivate Software on the “old” computer.  This opens up your activation code to be re-used.
  3. Install and activate on the “new” computer.
  4. Upon opening FastDraw, you should be prompted to Restore your previously backed up file.  If you are not automatically, simply click the “Restore” icon within FastDraw.

More details on this process can be found here:


If you would like to preserve a copy of your database somewhere besides on our server, you can manually back up the file yourself.  We recommend an external drive, or a web service like Dropbox.  The file is a .fdb file and it by default is called "Master.fdb" and is saved in your FastDraw Files folder.  You can double check on the name and location of your .fdb file by clicking File - Recent Files and noting the directory listed there.

I lost my key.  How can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your key at this website:

Simply enter your email address that you used when you registered, and it will be re-sent to you. 

How do I backup my FastDraw files?

We have outlined the backup process here:

We cannot overstate the value of using our Backup service.  If no backup steps are taken, the data is only saved on your local computer.  If that computer is lost, stolen, broken, wiped by IT, etc., there is nothing that we can do to retrieve your work.

All of your data is saved in the .fdb file that you are currently using.  You can see the details of this file and where it is being saved if you click File – Recent Files in FastDraw.  If you would like to perform your own backup of this file, that is certainly an option.  For this, a service like Dropbox can be useful, or an external hard drive, or jump drive.

Do I need to backup each play individually?

No, when you use our backup feature, the entire database is backed up to our servers.


FastDraw Usage Questions

Do you have any plays that we can use to get our database started?

We have an extensive library of plays on our website available at



The plays on the website can be sent to your FastDraw at any time by using the "Send to FastDraw" link.  From there, enter the email address that you have registered for FastTrade and the play will be in your FastTrade manager next time you go into FastDraw.  From there, you can add the plays to your library.

I cannot find my basketball plays.  Where did they go?

The most likely scenario for missing plays is that you have some filters selected in your Draw tab that keep the basketball plays from showing.  The filters for “Season,” “Series,” “Team,” etc are there to be able to quickly find plays, but if you have any of those selected, it’s possible that these filters can lead to confusion on what should be showing.  If you are missing plays, please put “ALL” in for all of your filters and then you can use the text search to find the play you are looking for.

Another possibility is that you are looking in the “Building Blocks” tab instead of the “Plays,” or vice versa.  These tabs can be found along the far left edge of the software.

The last note on this topic is that we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE USERS TO OCCASIONALLY BACKUP THEIR DATA.  Without any backing up, all of your plays and playbooks are stored locally on your hard drive.  This means that if your IT department wipes your computer, or if you lose your computer, or it breaks unexpectedly, all of these scenarios can lead to losing plays. 

How do I edit the basketball plays after I draw them?

You can edit any play in your library.  You will just need to find the play in the Draw tab and edit it from there.  If you are viewing any basketball playbook in the Preview tab, you can also double click on the diagram and it will pull it up in the Draw tab.

What are building blocks?

Building Blocks are a tool that can save you time if you find yourself drawing the same sets all the time.  For example, if you start many plays with the same starting position for your players, you might want to create a Building Block for this.  To do that, click the New Play icon, and in the New Play dialog, you will see a dropdown for Type.  Select “Building Block.”   After you name and draw up the “set,” you will have the option to quickly add this to any play in the future.  In the middle row of stencils, you will see a Building Blocks box.  Select the play you have saved and it will add the drawing to any play.

I’ve drawn my plays.  How do I print them now?

There are two primary ways in which you can get your diagrams printed.

The first, and probably most popular, is by using “FastPrint.”   In the Draw tab, simply put a checkmark next to any of the plays you want to print, and then click “FastPrint” icon.  By default this playbook will have a naming structure containing the date and time, but you can simply delete that text and name it however you like.  Click OK and you will see the basketball playbook created.  You can change the layout of any playbook by editing the options on the left hand side, and then click Print.

The second way to create a basketball playbook is to go into the “Playbook” tab, click “New Playbook.”  Name the playbook and the chapter, and then you will see it created and editable.  From here, you can drag any play in from the library on the left hand side. 

In either of these methods, you can always come back to the “Playbook” tab to change the order of the playbook, change the name, delete plays from it, etc.

How can I save my plays to PDF?

After you have created a playbook, you can use the PDF icon to save that playbook to your computer.  You can follow the steps for creating a playbook in the previous question.  If you only want one play saved, you need to just create a playbook with that one play in it.

How can I copy plays to MS Word or other programs?

You can copy any diagram to another program by right clicking on the diagram, select “Copy Image to Clipboard.”  From there you can select if you’d like the entire play or only that frame.

How can I type a text description on my play?

Directly below each frame is an area where you can describe your play.  You can get to this Frame Description by double clicking the white space right below the frame.

How can I share plays with my staff?

FastDraw Basic does not automatically sync the plays within your account.  You can, however, use FastTrade to send plays back and forth.  Simply put a check next to the plays you’d like to send to someone, then click FastTrade – Send Plays. Enter the email address of the person you’d like to send them to.  The recipient will get an email notifying of the new plays, and they can then open up their FastTrade Manager and import the plays into their library.

How can I put a player out of bounds?

When you are creating the play, and naming it, there is an option in that dialog to include out of bounds area.  Simply put a checkmark in the areas you’d like included on your diagram.  If you’d like to change the court layout of an already created diagram, you can right click on the diagram, and select “Edit Basketball Court.”

How can I mark the players by using text or different numbers other than 1, 2, 3 etc?

Any of our player stencils can be edited by double clicking directly on the stencil.  This will make the numbers text and editable.  You can type in any number or initials here.


FastDraw Playbook Software FAQ

Can I install FastDraw on more than one computer?

-If you purchased one seat, then FastDraw can only be installed on one computer at a time.  You will need to purchase an additional seat for each computer you'd like to install on.

I just logged in for the first time.  How come I can't find my plays?

-Quite often, we hear from clients who had their IT department perform maintenance on their computers during the offseason/summer.  If they did, check to see if they backed up your files.  The FastDraw information is stored in an .fdb file, and is generally called Master.fdb.  We strongly recommend backing up this file to avoid any loss of plays.  Information on how to do that can be found here:

If there was no maintenance on your hard drive, there are two things to check from within the software.  In your "Draw" tab, ensure that your filters are not set.  For Team, Series, Season, etc, select "All" in order to show all of your plays.  Lastly, on the far left side, you'll see a tab for "Plays" and "Building Blocks."  Ensure that you check in each of these sections.

I'm getting a message that "All Available Licenses have been used."  What can I do?

-This means that your FastDraw has been installed the maximum number of times.  If you have access to the old computer, you can remove that activation by opening FastDraw (or FastScout) and clicking Help - Deactivate Software.  If you do not have access to the other installations, let us know and we can remove it for you.

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New Features in Basketball Coaching Software Update

We've updated FastDraw and FastScout to version 5.1.  With that, you will notice some changes to the software that we think you'll like.

Button Consolidation 

The first thing you'll probably notice, is that we've consolidated some of the lesser used buttons into dropdown style buttons.   In addition to cleaning up the appearance, this will also allow you to see all the commands at our lowest supported resolution (1200 x 800).  The dropdown will keep the last selected command as the “default” action.

Filter Warnings

We've also tried to make it clearer whether you are in the "Plays" or "Building Blocks" tab, by adding a water color text.  In addition to that, we've added an alert when a user has selected filters that remove all plays from the list.  If you select Filters that leave you with no plays in your list, you will see the message in the screenshow below.  Both of these changes should help to clear up any confusion when their lists are empty and allow for users to find their plays easier.

FastPrint Playbooks 

When using the FastPrint option, the confirmation message now allows you to name the playbook, rather than have the default name.

Preview Page

We've added a horizontal scrollbar to Playbook selection tree (far right pane) in both the playbook and preview tabs.

We've also added an “Apply” Option for Playbook Preview. This is a great option for users who have large playbooks and need to customize their printing options on the Preview tab.  When enabled, changes to print options aren’t applied until the user explicitly presses the Apply Button.  This saves time with the "Formatting" stage of the playbook creation.  The playbook will only "Format" when the apply button is pressed.

By default this setting for new and existing users is disabled.  When disabled, the Apply button does not appear at all. When enabled, the Apply button will be active when there are pending changes to be rendered.  Otherwise the button is disabled.  Users can turn this option on or off in File -- Program Settings. 


New! Copy Full Playbooks or Chapters in FastDraw


On December 5, FastModel pushed a silent update that will upgrade all users to FastDraw and FastScout 5.2.  This upgrade will require no work on the users' end and will silently download and update in the background, provided there is internet access.

Copy Playbook and Copy Chapters to new playbook

For users that have built up a large library of plays and playbooks, we have added two new features that will provide for much easier creation of new playbooks.

First, you can now copy any playbook by selecting the playbook in the playbook tab and then choosing the Copy Playbook command in the main toolbar.  It is one of the buttons found under the New Playbook drop-down command button, shown below.

You will be prompted to give the new playbook a name.  When you press OK, the new playbook will be created in the same folder as the “source” playbook.  You'll notice that the plays themselves are not copied in the "Draw" tab, only the playbook.

Copying Chapters or Sections from another Playbook

If you need to start with an entire playbook, you can simply use the new Copy Playbook command.  However, if what you need is, for example, a chapter from one playbook and another chapter from a different playbook, you will want to use the new “Add From Another Playbook” functions now available during playbook creation.

To add a “part” from a different playbook, right-click on the appropriate item in the playbook you are editing and choose the “Add” option that is available.  For example, if you right-click on the playbook title, you have the option to add a chapter from another playbook.  In general, you can add an item that is one level “below” the item type you click on (e.g. add chapters to playbook, add sections to chapter, add plays to section).  An example of what you might see is shown below.

When you choose the “Add” command, you will be presented with a Selection popup that you can use to select the appropriate items from the desired “source” playbook.  In this example, the user is about to add the “MISSOURI July 12, Quick Hitters” play into the playbook he is working on.


New! Online Backup for Your Basketball Coaching Software


On Wednesday January 23rd, FastModel silently updated both FastDraw and FastScout Basic to version 5.3.  With the update, all of our Basic users will now have the ability to upload a digital backup of FastDraw and FastScout data to FastModel's secure servers.  This feature eliminates the problems that come when a computer is lost, stolen, or malfunctions.  Please note that if you do not use this feature, your data will continue to be stored only on the local hard drive.

From the Draw tab, you will now see a Backup icon on the toolbar.

The first time you upload the file, you will need to enter a quick file description (My FD File) and detailed backup note (Completed Baseline Package), and then click on Backup Now.

You are then able to restore this file if you find yourself changing computers, dealing with a crash, or just wanting to go back to a previous version of that file.  The option to restore instead of backup is available by using the dropdown button next to the icon.

To restore your file, from the backup dropdown menu, select Restore.  FastLocker will provide you with the information from your most recent backup. Select Restore Backup.  Note that this restore action will overwrite your local copy.  Therefore, give some careful thought to how you use this feature when not setting up a new machine or recovering from corruption.

There are a few notes to keep in mind when using the online backup tool.  If you provide a backup to your FastDraw file, that backup will overwrite the previous FastDraw file that was uploaded.  Also, the option to be reminded of your backup options is available by clicking on File - Program Settings, and then selecting the Backup tab.  The default will remind you to backup your data every 5 days, but this can be changed.  Lastly, the new backup feature does not affect the local backup options that FastDraw has previously provided.    Your data will continue to be backed up locally according to your specifications in the Program settings.

It should be noted that any user that is using this feature to backup your FastScout Database, the process DOES NOT backup the Stats Database.  If you are using a custom stats database, you will need to manually copy the database file that is in your FastScout/Stats folder.  Simply select the appropriate file in your Users/(Current User)/FastModel/FastScout/Basketball/Stats folder, and copy that to the same folder on the new machine, either by using Dropbox, external/jump drive, etc.

We're excited to provide this feature to you and we're certain it will save a lot of work.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our products at

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